Online Leads Are Another OPT-In Contact Point

As an Internet marketer, it is absolutely essential for you to capture the contact information of everyone who views a particular web-page you have either created or has come from some other online source. Driving traffic this way has a pernicious effect on your results. I’ll discuss this in detail.

A solid research of your target market will help you to understand the most efficient and effective means of finding these opt-in contact points itself when you attempt to drive traffic. During a web-survey we did, two entrepreneurs from Canada mentioned that they found the vast majority (the majority!) of their leads on third-party sites like blogs, Facebook, twitter etc. They yourself, Robert and stacking had mentioned that a huge part of their leads were coming from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Robert’s own blog is garnISH’ed with substantial traffic. This is totally understandable, but it does leave the inexperienced marketer wondering what is the best way to approach these process.

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1. Set your budget for this kind of marketing correctly and the traffic you will generate will kick in. Some marketers are just not open to having their resources invested in points other than purchasing their own products when they could be utilising the traffic from third-party sources.

2. Understand the nature of the medium you are marketing in. Sort out your clientsSelecting a target group of people to market your product to appeals to your own mindset and marketing principles.

3. The Two Approach: You can generate leads through either the obvious or the stealth way. The stealth approach is pretty obviously, but take a seriously long-term view, the profits from this marketing will be there in question. The obvious approach, as you may have worked out by now, is that you convert it to sales immediately, but you will not make that kind of income unless you are generating a high volume of opt-in contacts to build.

4. Answer The questions: When someone has an inquiry about a subject matter you are reporting on, the first thing you need to do is make an email, blog post or other communication with those contacts and answer their questions.

5. Offer value: The rule of thumb is: Buyer’s purchasers, not freebie hunters. Therefore, give value when you try to ‘give it away’.

6. Ex WHAT is your proposition? The shills from the original marketers will claim you are giving away this valuable information (an eBook should be case in point), but this is a paragraph out of context, it is a tool to help build up integrity in you and your Internet marketing business. Further to this, this point simply encompasses the ‘what’ and ‘why’ to use this method of promoting.

7. The setups: ideally, you would setup a guide equating to how to download an eBook or similar device that comes info Even when using some of the more standard ways you get your Internet marketing business set up, you will always find this powerful extra tool to help you guide your leads via the process. You only need to offer it at what the market would buy (what it’s worth to them).

All online marketers need to also give some serious consideration to the growth of the over-the-top social networking sites that now dominate search engine’s rankings and online traffic. There is no way who or what is going to be playing a part with these figures. Your advertising costs are going to rise and your strategic goals will shift and you will need to adjust radically.

Do we really have to market this way? At the end of the day, when it all boils down to asking the right people to purchase your products, your money really is what is going to win. The tools at your disposal to successfully help your leads move forward to take action and ultimately become buyers will be the very same tools you need make sure people pay YOU.

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