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Things You Will Need To Get Your Website On The Internet
One of the most important things to do before you start your website is deciding what you will need to get online. Make sure you seek advice from someone who has already been online and gained some skills in running a “baby” website. Buying your
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DNS Servers – The Backbone Of Internet Coordination And Connectivity
What is a DNS server? DNS is an acronym that refers to Domain Name Server. It is like a telephone directory. To put a directory entry in a database, a DNS server pulls that entry from it via a request. It can
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Different Versions Of WordPress Themes For Easy Selection
I already have a couple of websites set up, so I thought I would share the best ones with you all. This may sound like a small list, but these are some of my favorite. 1. EF Theme for WordPress This is
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Setting Up A Website – Current Exaggerated Estimates
In our modern world, putting up a website – setting up a website is right now a hot buzz term, but many people are still making the same mistakes and end up wasting time and money, without enough ROI and return on
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Dedicated Server Placement Tips For Success
Dedicated Servers A dedicated server is a server that is only used by one customer.  This means that all of the server’s resources are only used by one individual or company. Some rational reasons to use dedicated servers are: So, where do