8 Reasons Why A Web Design Gets Your Business Upset

As you begin your search, you’ll be faced with many website design problems. It’s true that these types of websites are easier to navigate, more SEO-friendly (if you can even read what the designer has written), and can fit more text than the ones which had been created to run on 3G. However, this doesn’t always mean that they’re more successful. From a business point of view, web designs that are closer to a good experience can actually hurt your business. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. Slow to load.

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Studies have shown that you only have about six seconds to these types of sites before you hit the back button on your smartphone and move on to a different site. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You might think you’re not in a hurry to view a website, but for the most part in the moment, was it really worth logging on to a website that proved to be a pain in the pants?

2. Sloppy design.

Just like hit counters, this type of website is bad for your business. The design could have been much better had the designer been a left-handed, not right-handed, graphic designer. You want your eyes to be the focal point, and you don’t want your website to slide in the background because of the poor design.

3. Ugly and Expensive.

While a polished, well designed web design will not hurt your business, an ugly web design could. There is nothing more off putting than to visit a website only to see vertically or horizontally centered advertisements, super slow loading images, or generic mathy fonts (even though someone’s proud to say that!). You’ve got to make up your mind about it. If you haven’t ever shopped online, then you’ll be quiteknowledgeable in web design and expenses.

4. Lack of Testing.

A website’s design is often the domain of the web developer. They may not be an internet savvy owner. The thinking is that if it looks quirky, then they’ll get it up in solids. If it won’t work, then they’ll deny it and say that the code is bad (if programmers are talking). Or they’ll tell you that their developer spent too much time on it and it was left out of the final design.

5. Slow Accessibility

This is maybe one of the strongest points against a web design that relies on Flash. Flash sites are not accessible, and therefore will not be a good fit for accessibility. Office tools such as MS Office, PDF, and PDF readers render it with a completely different set of rules than Smartphones.

6. Way too much text.

Unless your website is an information-only resource, you probably don’t have that much advice for someone to look at. Would it be all text, or would it just be links and descriptions? You need to embark on a exhaustive content strategy if your website doesn’t need enough, or just a tiny focus on certain strengths. Just don’t overload a visitor with too many of the same phrase and terms.

7. Too Much Clashing Colors.

This is a difficult one to overlook when it comes to eCommerce or video offers. Usually these are the types of websites that a visitor links out to other sites if they want someone who speaks a language that is not regular with your target audience. If you choose to have a lot of brilliantly contrasting colors, then you’re probably making a website for a demographic that can’t picture what the designer is selling.

8. Easy to Touch and Move.

Who needs to go through a lot of hassle in order to move from one section of the website through another? This is whywhy full mouse or scroll-folder navigation is no longer a desirable option for eCommerce websites. Nothing is more frustrating that clicking around on a website that requires a lot of scrolling to find out how to proceed. You have your options; scroll right, scroll left, or simply not look at it.

In this day, where distraction and navigation is inevitable, you trust the website designer to not only make it easy through the application of a common interface, but to eliminate those barriers to usability. Web design challenges are not based on which is the easiest; instead they are on how well the site is designed and which aspects of the design are enforce and Foolproof.

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