Using Image Links As Links – Do’s And Don’ts

Using image links for links is a very hot and low cost way for anyone to spice up their website without it appearing cluttered. There is little use in having your website looked at lightly if you are unable to entice your target readers into taking action, you want them to read and like whats so important about your site, you want them to take the action you want them to take. You want to present your message in a professional manner, make them want to visit your page again. This article will not only look at the do’s and dont’s of using image links, but also discuss why it is important and how to ensure your images will not appear on another person’s site.

It is very important that you research your images, this will save you a lot of time and ensure both you are not wasting your time, and maybe even putting your business at risk. There are sites that will guarantee you should not be using any of your images on another site, so make sure that is what you sign up for. Be very careful about using your images on someone else’s site, as if that is allowed, then all the reasons why you want to use a certain image, may become irrelevant on that particular site.


Your images should look great, put in the main view, be related to your site, but importantly, optimise them, do not just load them with either a photo editor, or editing software. There may be someone that does. However, if anybody is looking for something particular, they are browsing for it, not you. Make sure that is your main goal, you do not do pictures, SEO wise, for the same aspects as your site.

A recent update to a website, or blog site has just finally been uploaded into the public arena, you wait with baited breath for some comments from visitors and re-visits to occur, how the hell are you going to do that if you are using the same image over and over? Well, with this slight deterrents into image usage, you will see your foot traffic levels grow with each passing year. You have thought ofmany, many ways to utilise a photo and have a tiny website? It is those more likely to get noticed that you need to employ the services of a web designer. Again, it is vital to note that there are some allowing you to upload multiple images into your source, other than just your home page or about section, these sites will allow you to upload, on the other hand, link your installed port of consciousness, based by the individual circumstances.

Other than those sites, some directories would allow links into alternate pages. They may be used by the search engines as another medium, and as a result, your statuses with the search engines will be much stronger as a result.

Other than these sites, the only sites I would advice would not be having on your next site, are any with the word that appears in the url. You would only use this on your own site. Another thing to add to your drive for traffic, is to avoid flash sites, as you will not only delay the load time, but you will not be targeted at, by the search engines at all.

Finally, if you are using images for links, make sure you link them to the correct page. If you are unsure about the correct page, what I suggest you do, is add the associated image to another page or choose another appropriate page, in this way the proper page will be used as well. You are getting fewer visitors, if you are clever enough with your options?

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