Selling Online – 7 Reasons Why Search Engines Give You Low Google Rankings

Search engines (SE) read a website the way it finds a page in the real world, and they reward the strategies they find to keyword density, text, inbound links, and too much outside help and techniques to trick the SE to rank your page in the top positions.

If you drill down, you can find details about your placement at zero cost. If keywords are high up in the search engines you can rank in the top spots for reasonable rankings in all of the free search engines with excellent traffic.

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But to excel in the search engines, Pay Per Click Advertising is the mettle test. In this program you pay to get traffic from SE, then you pay again to have those services you are bidding on, use in your ads and blogs, and in your pay-per-click marketing.

Beware that there can be a learning curve to this, but if you have deep pockets and use Pay Per Click to drive traffic to your site, you can outperform smaller competitors with some good results.

Frecord a Close affiliation with one of the Search Engines for certain key phrases.

Search engines don’t get confused. One time you might see some keywords you are considering, then another owner may be paid to display the keywords you are bidding on.

The reason it’s called “Pay Per Click Advertising” is because your click cost depends on the cost to you, it doesn’t cost you anything to be on the page and you only pay when someone pushes prey traffics to your site.

Pay Per Click advertising cost can range from $2 to $10 if your pay-per-click keywords cost $5 each, $10 if the traffic cost you $4 each. Then you have good opportunity to get some quality traffic to your site.

If you sell the highest product ( lowering the price) every time, then you’ll see visitors coming from the keywords that cost $10 up to $30, then depending on the product, it can go high or low.

Keywords Quality & Commerciality

Keyword Quality & Commerciality has to do with how good the “searchengine” thinks the search phrase is.

Keyword quality and commerciality has to do with the volume of traffic (website visit)you have and how relevant it is for you to use that keyword.

You can’t assume anyone wants to look at the products or services at your site except for your niche market.

You can’t use interchangeably general content to describe the products or services your selling. Write precise and relevant keywords and description of each product or service you’re selling.

For example, you could write keyword like, Phone Books accepted version. Here, you would have some great keyword quality & quantity for your site.

What about a specific product or service? For instance, a software engine or an image engine might have a good quality keyword for a product.

Or I could have a generic SEO phrase like article marketing. These people are interested in the articles that could be published into article sites.

Quick Tip: Using exact, precise & quality keywords help you in getting a higher ranking on pay-per-click (PPC) ads (pay per click).

Pay per click advertisers bid on the keywords nobody else is bidding on. These advertisers will bid the highest visitor quality and quantity keyword on the pay-per-click (PPC) search engines to get their ads on the front page.

Surveys are Testing!

Surveys can be programs to discover about people’s shopping habits, and topics related to your niche market. Some surveys, or META (page-specific) Surveys are for free.

Also, keep in mind some surveys or META (page-specific) Surveys can be for free. Also remember that some survey formers and META (page-specific) Surveys can be for free.

Surveys are within the web pages. Write interesting and free content rich content (not web re-hashed). Also remember that keywords are very important on any page, and search engines love fresh content.

Last but not least, you need relevant affiliate links. We still have so many affiliate links that seem irrelevant to the subject matter.

So there are some points to take note so you can find the best keywords to get a good search ranking on your website. It takes a lot of work, but all those tips are laying on the web, they have been tried and tested and they work.

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