A First Glance At How Competitive Your Niche Is!

I recently put that out into the internet to find some interesting niche information. It was so enlightening to find some aspect of how competitive your niche is as a first glance. If you’re a small business person, you’re probably using Google Trends and Google Alerts to find out how big this niche is.

Let’s begin with the thins of the picture.

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Let’s assume you’re a member of this particular online community (the majority of people are).

For our purposes I’m going to refer to it as well as possible. That means you’re not going to be marketing any products or services in this niche. You’re simply interested in connecting with other entrepreneurs just like you.

Simply by looking at the searches done for the last 3 weeks, that would give a quick idea as to the amount of searches that were done to learn to market that niche.

As you start to wonder how big your niche is, you’ll need to determine some criteria. Below I’ll be offering some tips that will help you decide whether you’re going to try to market your chosen niche, whether it’s cheaper to market or not.

How big the niche is:

The amount of people who search on Google Trends or Google Alerts could tell you how big the niche is. How big it is depends on how people are searching for information on that topic. Because this could be your first niche, at least for the free report, you’d want to do some research here.

A nice way to test your interests would be to first find a common question. Let’s say for example that there is huge demand for the keyword “how to pick up women.” This means that the people searching for this call is in fact severe enough to be worth investing the time to get to know a little bit better. But this doesn’t mean that you have to find that exact question to get started. In fact, common questions can be an excellent niche to be in.

I always say that the best way to get started is to do the research to get as much information as you can. Let’s say you’ve found that women are the most watched group or categories in the whole world. That’s something to get you started! You aren’t looking to get started by looking for keywords that are searched a lot but they have very little competition. In fact, it’s getting to the point where keywords like “how to pick up women” will give you a good rough reference amount.

To find out how many searches have been done on the keyword, go tohttp://traffictools.seotools.comand search on that keyword. The software will pull the data for you. This is a great tool! It will give you more than gives you the answer to how big the niche is.

Now you have some keywords that will give you a rough idea of whether you can market your niche with a ranking, a common question, or the common answer to a question.

Do the research to come up with the answers to all of the questions above. These questions took mere minutes to answer, are you going to have to spend a lot of time determining those answers?

Maybe you should have you answered those questions all by you’re now a forum member. Go tohttp://forums.digitalpoint.comand have a look around. See if there are groups of people who want to learn to market in this niche. See if you can find some services likehttp://Aweber.comthat will deliver sent follow up messages that help existing members with the techniques that you’re using.

As you can see, it’s not necessary to know how big your niche is to know how great it can be? Because everyone has the knowledge they need to market there niche. The thing is that the majority of people find it a very impersonal activity. So the question is how much time are you willing to invest into your niche?

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