What Isecard Traffic SystemETA?

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For Ecommerce directories and especially ezine directories, the main goal is to get the reader interested enough to click on the banner or text. Unless a reader is veryvedalto read, and Unless the priority of the reader is high enough to click on the banner.

All of the ezines or directories out there have an average number of subscribers. Readers are often a diverse group of people with varying levels of interests, hobbies, views, and many others. The sad truth is…burned for all content, then someone might buy. In this post I will discuss what isecard traffic systemETA?

This question has been carefully pondering by online merchants who want to promote their goods and services through their own ezine or solo ad in an ezine or ezine directory.

Here is the theory of this system:

To fix this issue for the online merchants, there is an easy way for them.

They can now purchase the rights of an ezine, or better yet, an entire directory. So, they can purchase all the opportunities that are available on the directory service.

A good example is snapending.com. Since EZINE is a community of alternative living lifestyle seekers, logically this ezine’s owner can purchase the right to generate a submission service to EzineArticles, in all of its listings or the entire directory which the EzineArticles have been publishing in it.

There are different types of ezine and directory scripts. I will not dwell on their differences here, but I will point out here that all ezine and directory scripts can drive traffic to merchant sites.

Ezine submission script are user friendly scripts that put the website in the note box of the viewer. In the note box, they can submit their name as well as email address. When you see the note box, on the right hand side, you make a simple “click here” action.

When the viewers click on the site as an ad, you generate cash to the owner of the site.

Something like:

You may want to consider replacing your free ads you have with paid ads. Check outhttp://www.zamienut.com. Their one time price works well.

In the above example, your ad has been displayed and it has garnered a response. Too, many people are not aware of Ezine directories, and do not realize how beneficial it is to list on them. So, use them as exposure to your business. For the price of x dollars, your ad has exposed your business to millions of readers. This is an effective way to market your product or service. A person may visit your website and it may take them, on average, 3 days to purchase. If the ad has been listed, they will have gone in the first 7 seconds. If your ad had definitely been listed, at the top of the page, then a person may have clicked on your ad, activated the link, and purchase the item for sale.

I found this simple site through Google and it can be a moneymaker. Go here:www.zamienut.comto download the script.

As you can see, this could be a powerful way to promote your business. You can test the waters, and get started with purchasing.

Is yours above the fold?There is a simple way to know if what you are promoting is as it should be.

Go to wordpress.com, and login to your ezine directory account with the name that you purchased.

You can do a simple testing, by typing in the name of the merchant site, and compare the look with the list of articles on the site you purchased. Using 2 different merchants as before, accounts with the different article directories, without submitting to them, will show for that ezine, or directory, and although you cannot use exactly the same articles, you’ll have a comparison.

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