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Internet Marketing is a very complex field. Although the affiliate marketing business model is one of the easiest and best way to get started in the online, not every activity that you do in marketing is going to be effective. There are many reasons why you might fail and then you might find yourself unsuccessful, but mainly it happens because these are the type of marketing you do, or are doing.

Nowadays there is a problem and I’ll tell you what it is and why it happens. Since so much internet marketing strategies is being use, the main problem is that most of them are not effective. The main reason is that these strategies cannot support the type of online traffic generation that you want to achieve.

Take for example, the case of SWOT analysis and affiliate marketing. When you do these strategies you’re trying to calculate some metrics of the “Selling” process, you are usually competing either with other affiliates or with your competitors. Now the problem is that affiliate marketing is the right path to make money online, but nobody will buy the product if your site is not the right one. You have to make sure that your affiliate will not go to the second store or that nobody will buy your product. If the visitors will not buy your product you are not going to make any money at all. This is a win-win situation for the affiliate and your selves.

So in most cases, it will fail and you don’t going to make any money at all. I have seen this situation from many to young companies and I must say that you will make life changing profit if you will use the right techniques in online marketing. So in my opinion, the best way to start this is by “initing everything” by following the proven techniques.

Building a big base doesn’t mean that you will get rich. All those that say this are liars. Starting a business with a certain chosen business model is a good start; but it still take some time to progress. Here is what you need to do normally myself in order to proceed:

1. After you choose your business model, starting with a good business model like affiliate marketing, you need to find a good affiliate product that you will be promoting. The easiest way to do that is through ClickBank. Why? The main reason is that they are very good at their job in finding quality products. You will notice that a few hundred dollars invested in the product is money that will not be made back, but are going to make me more money in the near future. I need you to understand that it’s a real business and you need real people to distracted for real money to come to your account.

2. After you have your product you will then need to find a good quality merchant account (also know as third-party). There are many of them. One of the most common of them is “GoDaddy”. You will need a special processor like PayPal to be able to process your website in the quick way. Even if you are going to choose PayPal to accept your payments; you will have to find a good name for it in the business field. If you have chosen Affiliate Marketing you should look for a “Authority” like the one of ClickBank.

3. After you have set everything else, start with a “social bookmarking”. Social bookmarking is a very new form of internet marketing, but it’s one of the best ways to quickly get traffic. You can simply write about the product you are promoting in the web; create a very short article or press release with a few links to your website. Take advantage of the social bookmarking, Google your website, try to find a social bookmarking site that rank high in Google.

4. Now comes the time. You need to look at your conversion rate. So what I someone will read your article or press release from your site, to buy your product. After conversion rate is calculate come back with a value and solution to work on.

5. Now comes the end of the process. Now if conversion rate is significantly low this is usually because of some problem with your marketing or website. Learn something new and apply it in the next days.

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